Four budget-friendly home improvement projects

Even if we aren’t committed to home improvement projects, the majority of us have a renovation wish list. Home improvement can be expensive; you don’t have to spend a fortune to redecorate your living space.

First of all, you need to realize your home’s potential before you start renovating projects. You would be surprised to know how meaningless improvements can boost up the appearance of your home, and they can make your house look like a million bucks. The Now Living website has a couple of ideas you can apply to your home.

Hide your cables and cords

If you want to set up a new home entertainment center, then you need to accommodate a lot of features. However, the cables cords are one of the things that’ll make the most of the mess. It’s ugly, and if you don’t correct this during installation, it will be challenging to rectify this condition.

But, there are a lot of home kits and option exists that will offer you simple, but useful solutions. For instance, you can cut two holes in the wall, one behind television and the other behind your media console. Then you should attach two recessed cable plates and run the cables down the wall.

Think about smart home

This isn’t a necessarily cheap solution, but it’s easy to complete. Considering the budget standpoint, it’s quite scalable. First of all, you should start with a smart hub, you can purchase a Wink HUB, which costs around $70, and a Z-wave compatible device. The light switches will cost you about $35.

Installing switches isn’t an exciting task, but the result will be spectacular. You will love the ability to control lights while you are away. Over the time, you can add more gadgets to this system, which will help you manage everything in your home from afar. This is an ongoing project and doesn’t end only with one switch.

Install dimmers in the bathroom

This might be a silly suggestion, but it can be an excellent addition to your home. We all have those moments when we have to use the restroom at 3 am. The last thing you want to do is to flip the light switch to full brightness. It will kill any chance for getting back to sleep quickly.

However, with dimmers, you can control the brightness, and in this case, you can adjust it to your needs. Also, don’t forget the atmosphere and ambiance dimmers can create, while you are soaking in the tub.

Change doorknobs and cabinet handles

You can find a lot of options for appealing doorknobs that only cost $6. If you see a style that you like, but it doesn’t fit your budget, think about replacing one door, or set of cabinets. Make sure to write the type and brand, so later you can complete the project.

Online shopping is also of the ways to save money on beautiful doorknobs and hardware. However, when it comes to cabinet and drawer handles, we recommend shopping at a local store. This way you can compare the size and style with the existing handles.

About the Author Elizabeth Stewart