Do you have a CD you wish you could play?

First, let us start off with some history. The phonograph is the first music device to record and reproduce the sound, which was discovered by the famous inventor, physicist and entrepreneur Tomas Edison. Discovered in 1888, the gramophone was a new invention discovered by Emil Berliner along with Eldridge R. Johnson. Gramophone records have become especially popular among DJs.

The cassette player logically received its application first as an audio recorder, and then in the 1980s as a mix of radio and cassette recorders, the so-called “Boom Box”. Symbols like “play” and “stop” then became standard o any device. Walkman was the first portable music device created in 1979 and has completely changed the habits of listening to music – music become mobile. From this emerged portable CD players and MP3 players.

Do you need a portable CD player, and how to fix the one you got?


The first portable CD player, popularly called Discman, made it possible to transfer music using a compact disc (CD). Most computers today do not have CD readers, and if you have the music you want to listen to or the music CD you want to check if works, the portable CD player is what you surely need.

In case you have found one in your house, on a garage sale or borrowed it from a friend, but your CD reader does not read it, first make sure your CD is of a correct type, and that the files are in a right format. Not all CD players read all audio formats, so you need correct type. Standard CDs will be playable on any player, CD-Rs are made for CD-R machines and will not be played on all players, and for CD-RW you will need a specific compatible machine.

If you found the right CD type and its back is not completely scratched (if it is, it will not work no matter what device you have for it), you can try to rub some alcohol on its back to clean it better. If your portable CD player is still not working, you should look for a useful  guide from, because something may be wrong with your player and there are a few easy steps you can take.

Are CDs over?

Digital audio players are, in a way, the latest word of technique in the field of listening to music, and are most often produced in the form of MP3 players since the late 1990s. The next step in listening to music was the one that is quite popular today, which is listening to songs over a mobile phone, but MP3 players and portable CD players still have their usage today. Especially CD players because there is a great amount of music and data that still can be found (only) there, and because modern computers do not have CD readers anymore, these players are still hot on the market.

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