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Countertops: granite vs. quartz

When it comes to large scope home renovations, such as kitchen or bathroom renovation, you can never be cautious enough. First of all, most people conduct these renovations once or twice a life and second, renovations of this kind require significant investment, thus you can barely afford to make some big mistakes. All of this goes for kitchen designing or renovation and choosing adequate countertops is one of the most important aspects of it. Regarding quality materials and models of countertops, there’s an ongoing competition between granite and quartz countertops. Thanks to some reputable manufacturers of granite countertops Sterling VA, this material is slightly more popular in this region, although the quartz countertops also come with some significant pros. You can read further about both types of countertops at websites of reliable manufacturers ( and here’s a brief review of some major differences of these two materials.

Design and aesthetics

There are actually no adequate and uniform recommendations when it comes to aesthetics. It mostly depends on your personal preferences and on the overall design of your kitchen. Granite countertops will provide a more natural appearance, but don’t have a uniform color. On the other hand, quartz countertops provide silk and uniform color, less natural, but more neutral. Depending on the design of the surrounding materials in the kitchen, some users will prefer one of another. Either way, both models appear elegant, powerful and noble. None of them will add a cheap tone to your kitchen’s design.


Practical aspects

Regarding practical and technical aspects, both of these materials have strong pros and cons. Quartz is usually made of quartz and resin mixture, which makes it slightly more susceptible to damages caused by heat. Another drawback of quartz countertop is its sensitivity to UV sunlight. If exposed to sunlight for a long time, quartz tends to change its shade of color. Aside from this drawback, quartz counterparts do not require any additional maintenance. This is a durable, non-porous and flexible material, which makes cracks less likely to appear over time.

Quartz Vs Granite Kitchen

One of the greatest advantages of quartz countertops is their resistance to stains. On the other hand, granite countertops are equally durable and strong, but require regular maintenance to prevent cracking. It is less resistant to stains, although it’s far from being absorbent. It is slightly more susceptible to cracks and seams, but if used properly and with care, this usually isn’t the issue.

Cost and safety issues

Granite countertops are gaining higher popularity due to their lower price, great appearance, high-quality performances and a lightly higher level of safety. Namely, since quartz countertops usually include a certain percentage of resin, there’s a low risk of volatile organic compounds polluting the air indoors. So far, the initial price of granite was lower compared to the quartz, but in the long run costs would increase due to requirement for regular maintenance. Since prices of quartz countertops are raising lately, this isn’t the case anymore. Both materials require significant investment, but both provide quality material, durability and great appearance.

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Five simple ideas to make your kitchen look expensive

Out of all rooms in your house, a kitchen is the space where your family spends the majority of their time. Nowadays, you can explore many useful solutions which can help you transform this area into a stunning space and give your home a special touch. You can find some good ideas on Even though many homeowners focus on cabinets, they aren’t the only elements, and you should pay attention to other features. So, here are the five ideas to consider, if the luxe is the look you are going for your kitchen.

Strat with an appropriate layout

kitchenIf a perfect design is your priority, then rest of this process is easy. The triangle set up is the best, and you should make a distance between stove, the sink, and the refrigerator. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, depending on your space. For instance, the fridge can be closer to the room’s entrance, since this is a primary destination for many home members. You can always hire a professional decorator to set up your kitchen, but they don’t come cheap. First of all, you should think about functionality and then about the appearance.

Consider the height

Many homeowners make a mistake when they select small 36-inch tall upper cabinets. The 42-inch model is a way better option. The additional six inches will provide you extra storage space. On the other hand, if you are dealing with high areas, a stunning kitchen remodel in San Diego uses stacked upper cabinets. They will still deliver you more space. It is essential to use the wall of your kitchen; they shouldn’t be empty. If you have room, use the walls for cabinets, and they will give you additional storage.

Know when to spend money

After the cabinets, the backsplash takes up the most significant amount of kitchen visual appeal. In this case, you should make it count. This is a significant opportunity to express your style and personality, without breaking your bank account. A backsplash is small enough and doesn’t require a lot of material to finish them. You can use a variety of things, and your backsplash can look stunning, especially if you are a fan of the trendy slab look.

Don’t neglect the lights

When we first enter the kitchen, we first look up at the ceiling and check out the lights. For that reason, beautiful light fixtures over islands, breakfast nook, and the sink are essential. But, if you want to establish the visual hierarchy of ceiling, then one zone should act like a star and the others should have a supporting character. A visually appealing chandelier can provide a stunning appearance.

Be floored

Installing the same flooring system like that in the rest of the house makes sense in today’s open floor plan. But, 12-inch ceramic tiles can give your kitchen a luxury look, if you laid them diagonally. Tiles can be expensive, but you can always find some affordable solution. Nowadays, you can choose from a variety of designs, patterns, and colors.

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Tips For Cheap Kitchen Remodeling

As one of the essential places in your home, kitchen requires continuous maintaining and occasional renovations. Thorough overhaul costs big money, and most people usually can’t afford to renovate kitchen completely. However, if you apply some expert’s tips and tricks, you could get a brand-new kitchen with affordable prices. Here are some suggestions you should consider before stepping into renovation process, on you own or better with hired professional contractor company.

Do detailed preparations

Kitchen RemodelingMost people neglect this phase recklessly and jump into the mere procedure without a grand plan and thorough preparations, causing unexpected costs along the way. Though it might not sound as saving money, hiring a professional to do the pre-design and expert’s project, or even better hiring a professional company to provide the services of the renovation will, in fact, save you a lot of money. You’ll avoid unexpected costs and prevent repairing shortly, as well as skip unnecessary extra work.

Repaint, don’t replace

Purchasing new cabinets in a kitchen is one of the biggest expenses during a kitchen renovation. If you want to save significant money here, there’s a way to skip replacing cabinets. If your current cabinets are solid and functional, purchase some bright pain, white one preferably, and do the washing, priming, and repainting. You can also try to add doors to the open cabinets or change knobs for the new shining ones. These interventions will provide a whole new look to your kitchen without actual purchasing new cabinets.

Practical re-flooring

Kitchen Remodeling

Floor renovation is a big intervention that will certainly result in a whole new design of your kitchen. However, it can cost significantly, so try some cheaper alternatives. If your current floor is wooden, just refinish it. You’ll get polished shine and the impression of the new floor without actual replacement. If your current floor is tile or vinyl, you might want to consider sealed cork as a solid, practical and cheap replacement.

Light makes all the difference

Aside the obvious benefit of having well-placed bright light in the places where the cooking will be done, placing attractively designed lamps and lights across the kitchen can make a great impact with almost no costs. Use under-cabinet lights to add exotic detail into the overall design and place big bright lights above table, stove and significant countertops.

Avoid renovation of plumbing installation

Plumbing renovation is probably the biggest impact to your budget when doing kitchen remodeling. Unless there’s an obvious problem requiring replacement and plumbing intervention, the best advice for saving money is to leave the pipes as they are.